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June 23, 2012 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

This weeks things

This weeks things


I’m listening to this glorious mixture of harmonies by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. This is on repeat. 

I’m watching Sons of Anarchy. At first I was very skeptical. Kasjen’s been trying to get me to watch this for years. Yes, plural, YEARS. I resisted because it’s about guns and motorcycles, but the drama pulled me in. Oh and it didn’t hurt that the main character is the hunk of all hunks. Oh yeah…

I’m reading nothing spectacular yet, still looking for a new book, but I did finish Bossypants and it was awesome.

I’m cuddling this little creature. She looks like she did something naughty. 

I’m eating nacho cheese chicken chalupas from Taco Bell. It’s a chalupa shell with nacho cheese, chicken, lettuce, and tomatoes. It’s glorious, particularly after midnight. 

I’m laughing at this Very Mary-Kate video featuring the trenta, starbucks extraextra large coffee.

I’m strangely happy about this news story that spread after a viral video showed an elderly bus monitor being bullied and tormented by thirteen year-olds to the point of tears. After the story and video spread supporters donated to Karen Klein (the bus monitor) over $575,000 so far for her dream vacation. The story gave me a lot of hope for people, and a lot of hope that those kids get punished accordingly. The full story is here.

I’m worried about wildfires. Kasjen serves as a wildland fire fighter this summer, so when a fire can’t be contained somewhere in the U.S. he gets shipped off to help contain it. This is no surprise that’s what I’m currently worried about. With such a dry summer fires have been spreading a lot. He’s just waiting for a phone call. Scary stuff.

I’m using St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. I absolutely love this stuff. It has small beads in it that really scrub your skin and leave it super soft, plus it smells great. It’s light but effective.

I’m drinking Daily’s Cocktail Pouches. They’re soo easy. You freeze them, run a little warm water over them to loosen it all up, put it in a glass and you have a wonderful mojito, or margarita, or daiquiri. They also cost a little over a dollar at my grocery store, compared to the six dollars I would spend at a restaurant. 

I really want to be working out but I have 0% motivation. Less than 0%. Maybe -1%.

So yeah…that’s all for now, more later 🙂


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