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June 13, 2012 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

This weeks things


I’m listening to this cover of sexy and I know it. 1. This song makes me INSANELY happy. 2. This version is better than anything else I’ve heard. If you click the link, you won’t be disappointed. I know it’s a chubby nerdy kid but listen on, he’ll be a superstar someday.

I’m watching this clip of Andrew De Leon. If you haven’t seen this it will blow you away.He’s amazingly talented, and shows that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I’m reading Tina Fey still. I’ve been slow on my reading this week. 

I’m cuddling this beautiful beast.

I’m eating Oscar Mayer Jalapeno Cheddar hotdogs. OMG soooooo good. 

I’m laughing at Jimmy Fallon, Carly Rae Jepsen, and the Roots playing ‘Call Me Maybe”with classroom instruments. It’s actually super good. Kudos to them. 

I’m strangely happy about this video. I consistently have to change my 198023849081290 billion passwords and this pretty much sums up that experience to a tee.

I’m worried about Zombies. No news, but I’m always worried about zombies, and this bath salts thing is FREAKING ME OUT. If you’re like wait, what, bath salts? Please google it, and don’t watch the video about the guy eating the other guys face, it will scar you for life. So my worried list is currently, 1. Zombies. 2. People on bath salts acting like zombies.

I’m using  Tresemme split remedy. I haven’t used this brand in years. It never appealed to me, but after receiving a sample of it, I bought the whole line. It’s great for me because I have super long hair that gets abused, heat, sun, wind, straightening, pretty much the works, but these products keep my hair looking well managed. Also, it smells great. 

I’m drinking summer shandy, because lemonade and beer mix together for a refreshing drink. If you’ve never had a Summer Shandy before, it’s super light weight which is awesome for summer. I’d try to drink it on a beach if at all possible, it feels like it belongs there.

I really want to be back on the same boat I was on last week. OHEMGEE, it was beautiful.

I recently purchased this fantastic piece of t-e-k-nology. It’s awesome. I can do everything without hard wiring my laptop to my tv, plus the picture quality is superb. I feel like I just realized how awesome bluray technology is. Yes I work for a technology company, yes I still rarely buy new tech for myself. Here is the link if you’re thinking about purchasing one yourself.

That’s about it for my weekly wrap up. Thanks for visiting. Also,  no one paid me for any of this, and no one pays me to blog about any of their stuff. It’s just me, showing you, what I do, baby boo.


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