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January 18, 2012 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

Let there be LIGHT!

My father is ungodly hard to buy for. For every holiday the past year or so, we’ve been replacing all the lighting in his house. The house is older and has outdated fixtures.

These were the bad boys that resided in the hallway. Madonna boob lights, and there were two of them. We decided to replace them with more normal boob lights….

Kasjen’s becoming a pro at installing lights ((BONUS)).

It was really easy up, easy down (especially for me, considering I was just cooking lunch).

He looks so excited to be replacing lighting…

TADA! A more supple set of hall lights. The total project only costed us around $50, including new energy efficient bulbs.

The lighting gifts all have included installation, and have been a huge hit. For his birthday this year he got a new ceiling fan…

He loves it, and it’s great practice when we have a place of our own. My next project is a chandelier that has the 70’s written all over it (not literally).


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