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December 16, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

The Romance Package

NOTE: If you are my brother Nick or sister-in-law Andi leave this page immediately.


My brother and his wife are that really hard to buy for couple. They have everything and then some, plus they also get me something great every single year. For them this year I decided to make them a sweet little package they can enjoy when the six year old goes off to bed. I call it the romance package because although I absolutely and entirely love every bit of my niece, I secretly (not so secretly) want them to have another one.

((Ignore the shottyness of the photo and my dog’s ear on the left hand side))

The romance package consists of one nice bottle of white wine, a comedy movie (good mood movie), two wine glasses, two small candles, two bags of chocolates.

I think it would be a great gift for any couple (kasjen and I would LOVE it).

Just another simple yet awesome idea for those hard-to-buy fors. Merry gift giving.


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