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November 12, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

Cheap @$$ Wine Review 6

I wanted to love this wine. I wanted to take it home for the holidays and enjoy a nice book with it next to the fire. Unfortunately, this is not my next favorite wine. It’s a Lucky Duck wine, I’ve already reviewed one of their whites, previously. Let me just say the white was much better then the bite of the red. This wine was a malbec from Argentina. The bottle was adorable, the price a delightful $3, oh but the wine.

Upon uncorking the color was nice, dark and deep. The consistency was fine. The smell was the first to throw me off. The alcohol was obvious and a dull sense of what was to come, apparent. A quick swirl and a taste, showed me exactly how lifeless this wine was. Absolutely no body, completely flat and utterly unenjoyable. The aftertaste of cheap alcohol  made this bottle a hard one to finish.

This is definitely not a favorite. I’m not even going to try to pair this wine with anything, that’s how much I disliked it. So please my friends, drink cheaply but much much better than this.


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