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November 2, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft


Everybody knows the economy sucks, especially those young college students who live on the kindness of relatives, part-time jobs and sheer will. I, unfortunately fall into this category. I periodically get urges to shop, like many women. However, some times I have to be a little more inventive. I often use coupons but sometimes I want something for nothing. A couple of months ago I began sampling. It’s easy, it’s free and I look forward to getting the mail now. It’s usually small items, like shampoo or energy pills, bathwash or laundry detergent. It’s usually pretty random stuff, but it really comes in handy when you run out of shampoo on Tuesday and get paid Friday. I’m gotten everything from paint to diapers, all completely free.  No this isn’t an infomercial or a scam.

Picture of my loot. EVERYTHING here I got for freezies.

I use a lot of sites for sampling. is probably my most visted. They usually have a new offer everyday and don’t make you fill out long surveys. Everything I have applied for on here has been legitimate and I would highly recommend this site. is another site I use. It will have some offers sweetfreestuff doesn’t have and also doesn’t have surveys.

Walmart and Target also have sample pages on their websites.

There are literally thousands of sample sites online, some are very legitimate some are ify. I never put in my real phone number, ever. I also use a separate email address devoted to all the spam I get from these sites. I would never ever put in a credit card number. These sites are for free stuff, not promotional offers that will charge you later. You have to be careful when dealing with this kind of stuff, but as long as you use common sense there’s nothing to worry about.

I love sampling. It curbs my shopping cravings and gives me handy stuff that I’m always running out of.


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