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October 26, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

I made…

pillows. I had some leftover fabric from Mika’s dog bed, and we were in desperate need of some throw pillows.

I still can’t sew a straight line.

Also, I made pinwheels.We had a potluck at my internship. I needed to make something in a 45 minute window. These were a huge hit…

Take these ingredients. Smear the tortilla shells ( I used jalapeno cheddar) with cream cheese, put shredded cheese, olives, and green chilis on top and roll them up.

It’s super easy and adaptable to other ingredients. If you don’t like olives and green chilis you could use red bell pepper or green onion or tomatoes or corn. They’re pretty awesome. I’ve made them before and used a ranch packet in with the cream cheese, but I didn’t like it.

I’m pretty much a regular Martha Stewart, except I have a cleaner criminal record. Awkward.


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  1. Kelli Kramer / Oct 26 2011 9:31 pm

    I’m surprised that you had any of the pinwheels to bring to your internship….Buck must have not been around when you were making them…And I love you pillows! Very nice!

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