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October 20, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

Bobo’s Story

On Monday I was at home, getting ready for my internship and surfing the internet around 11 a.m. Kasjen called me from our parking lot and said that he found a dog. “What should we do?” I said I’d come right down. The dog was a large male black lab, and the friendliest dog ever. He would let you pet him and do tricks, he just just downright adorable. We had seen other people pet the dog and simply walk away. We live on a busy street and with his playful trot he would definitely face his fate in front of a truck.

We first took him to our apartment office, they knew nothing but offered to call animal control. I didn’t take a liking to this option because animal control seems scary and I wouldn’t want this sweet creature to be permanently damaged. I didn’t know how Bo would react to Mika so he stayed outside with Kasjen and just followed him around. Since all the animal shelters and animal control don’t open until noon we took him to my fathers house where Kasjen was refinishing the floors.

My dad was pleasantly surprised when he came home from lunch to torn up carpet and a happy black lab. I called every number in the phone book I thought might be helpful. No one had any calls. I left my number with them and made a craigslist ad. (See Bo’s Craigslist ad here)  He stayed with my dad Monday night and enjoyed a jump in the creek and steak bones.

Tuesday came and went with no phone calls or emails. I began to think maybe Bo’s owner didn’t want to find him. Wednesday morning I got Bo a collar and leash and took him to my vet’s office. They scanned Bo for a microchip but found nothing. I took him back to my dad’s house and went to work. After work I noticed I had a voicemail. It was animal control, they thought they had found Bo’s owner. I called them back and they gave me the number to a man who live blocks away from me.

I called Alan, he was ecstatic, he told me that the dog’s real name was Bo or Bobo, (we had been calling him Boegy, really close!)  and described him. He said they were working on their garage and he must have gotten out. He had looked for breaches in the fencing and couldn’t figure it out. He thought someone might have stolen Bo and he had plans to make a police report that day.

I met with Alan about a block from my house and reunited them. Bo’s tail was wagging and Alan couldn’t have been happier. We talked for a little bit and I discovered Bo actually was microchiped  from the same vet that I took him too, even though they never found it. He was five years old, and a guard dog for their whole neighborhood at night. He told us about how his wife thought Bo was a dumb dog, then showed us all of Bo’s tricks. It was sweet to see them together. Alan later texted me thanking me for everything and telling me how excited his family was.

It was hard to give Bo away. Although I knew it was the right thing to do, he was the type of dog anyone could fall in love with. The story of Bo could have ended tragically, but with luck and love, Bo was returned to his owner well fed and tail wagging. I really hope this Karma thing works…



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