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October 17, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

Zombie Interview 4

Cassie is a survivor. Although she is married she obviously has no qualms killing old people, children or probably her spouse (sorry Joey). Probably the best female shooter I know, Cassie is one female that will not get eaten by zombies.

Q:Are zombies fast, slow or an inbetween?

A:Joey believes that all zombies are slow. And while I’d like to believe that, because the idea of a fast zombie scares the shit out of me, i think it’s probably best to be prepared for any type of zombie. I’d like to think that the typical zombie starts out just as fast as it was when it was a human, but because they are living dead tissue they slow down as their body decays further.
Q:What qualifies you as a zombie authority?

A: Movies, movies, movies. Also, multiple zombie theory debates.

 Q:What plans do you have in the works for the apocalypse?

A: 1. Stick with my friends and family that own guns.
2. Stock up on ammo.
3. Stock up on foods with a long ass shelf life.
4. Find out if Brita water bottles with the filters in them would filter out shit that would turn you into a zombie. If that works it would be awesome not to have to carry gallons and gallons of water around with you.
5. Lights OUT after dark.
6. It might be a good idea learn sign language to keep noise to a minimum in zombie dense areas.

Side conversation: (Cas) I saw a commercial the other day for a water bottle with a brita filter in it. do you the the filter would filter out shit that would turn you into a zombie if the water was comtaminated? because my first thought when I saw that commercial was I need to get one of those for the zombie apocalypse.) There’s your next commercial Brita, YOU’RE WELCOME.

Q:What is your weapon of choice?

A: Probably a silenced AK or something to that effect. Silenced guns wont draw as much attention to you. I feel like pistols are too close range. And zombie blood spray from a shot gun wound is a good way to contaminate yourself. On that note, it might be a good idea to have a face mask/ protective eyewear for zombie fighting situations.
Q:What is the most important thing to know about zombies?


Q:A word of advice for anyone not planned for the apocalypse?

A: You better get ready, they’re coming!!!!!!!!!
Q:You have one minute to get the eff out, what do you grab?

A: In the ideal situation I would already have my bag packed and could be out in 10 seconds. But if i was completely unprepared, as many weapons, and as much ammo, food, and water, as i could carry. oh, and maybe some clothes.


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