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October 15, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

Craftastic Glitter Shoes

I’ve always loved all things glitter. Always. So when I spotted diy projects online on how to make glitter shoes, I jumped. My friend cassie made some adorable multi-color glitter flats that are SUPER CUTE. I’ve seen a lot of gold and pink but almost no silver. I took the plans from different blogs and created a super plan. I used my old going-out shoes which were scuffed and had gum on them. They were pretty nasty, now they’re just pretty.

These were my supplies plus clear spray paint, I’ll show you more on that later.

I got silver glitter, all-purpose elmer’s glue, paint brushes, old tupperware container, sand paper and crappy old heels.

I started by cleaning and lightly sanding my shoes to help the glue stick. Then I mixed the glitter with the glue.

Then I painted the glue-glitter mixture on. It looked white at first and I got nervous but the glue all dried clear. I also sprinkled extra glitter on as I painted. I covered every area pretty liberally, you could do it lightly and do two coats but I’m not one for waiting.

If you want to be super clean about it you can cover up the bottoms with tape but I just painted to the edge. I’m not a craft perfectionist.

I let them dry overnight. In the morning I covered the spots I missed. I thought about leaving it like this but I was losing glitter. I checked about seven different blogs and diy sites and found a solution…

I spray painted them outside, in one light coat and let them sit.

I ended up with these bad boys. I absolutely love them. The total project cost less then $10 and they are fantastic.


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