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October 14, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

Zombie Interview Post 2

Small and quick, Sharelle could easily outrun any zombie. A trainer and fitness expert she brings new ideas of how to outrun, and possibly out live a zombie attack. This is her zombie interview…

Q: Are zombies fast, slow or an inbetween?

A:  Zombies are inbetween. Fast enough to make you shit your pants when they come near you, but slow enough that you can get away for a little bit.

Q: What qualifies you as a zombie authority?

A: do you mean a zombie that’s in charge of other zombies??
zombies have no authority figures because they are selfish bitches and don’t care about sharing, who to kill, or when to kill.

(totally not what I meant but still a great answer)

Q: What plans do you have in the works for the apocalypse?

A: Well, I’ve started running. this will help if need a quick escape. I’ve also looked into learning how to use a gun that I will keep on me when the time comes. I am in the works of designing an underground shelter where I will put all necessities like food & water and it will be zombie proof. I can’t tell you the details because a zombie might read this in the future if they are smart.

Q: What is your weapon of choice?

A: 12 gauge shotgun

Q: What is the most important thing to know about zombies?

A: Always aim for the head.

Q: A word of advice for anyone not planned for the apocalypse?

A: Don’t get emotional.

Q: You have one minute to get the eff out, what do you grab?

A: My weapon, jar of peanut butter, and running shoes.


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