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October 13, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

Zombie Interview Post 1

Zombies are obviously a huge part of my day to day. My boyfriend is a crazed gun collector, we watch the occasional zombie movie and have a very specific ‘shit hits the fan list’. So naturally I decided to interview a few of my friends to see exactly what they had to say on the subject. All of them hail from different backgrounds but have an equal amount of crazy. So as a tribute to Halloween and all things awesome, this is interview 1: My better half, Kasjen…

Q: Are zombies fast, slow or an inbetween?

A:  Inbetween, they can barely climb, but certain ones can run fast when they smell blood.

Q: What qualifies you as a zombie authority?

A:  I am qualified because I own several rifles, a small ammo cache, Bug Out Bag, several tomahawks, and a strong will to live. I am also very capable of making cold calculated decisions in life or death situations. If you fall behind, you stay behind.

(For those of you who do not suffer from extreme craziness, a bug out bag is a bag filled with various survival supplies and yes he does have one.)

Q:What plans do you have in the works for the apocalypse?

A: Wait 1 hour for friends/family to meet at our apartment, 1 hour quarantine (make sure they havnt already been bitten) and then we head north to less populated rural areas where food will be more plentiful and zombies will be fewer. This would lead us to our secondary cache of food and weapons about 60 miles north of CR.

Q:What is your weapon of choice?

A: Ak’s/tomahawks

(A few of Kasjen’s must haves)

Q:What is the most important thing to know about zombies?

A: Nothing says “die” like a headshot.

Q:A word of advice for anyone not planned for the apocalypse?

A: It’s too late for you.

Q:You have one minute to get the eff out, what do you grab?

A: Guns/food/water/maybe Jen

Next interview will be an equally crazy zombie survivor..


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