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October 5, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft

Wasting time

I spend a lot, a lot of time on the internet. Most nights if you walk into my 586 sq. feet you will find both Kasjen and I sitting on the same couch with the TV on not speaking a single word to each other, buried in our laptops. Well Jen, what the hell are you doing on your laptop for six hours straight? To be honest I have no idea where my time goes as soon as I turn on my computer. I’ll get on at like four and look up and it’s dark outside and no one’s been fed and I’m behind on everything. Since I know a lot of other people love the internet and hate work, I though I might include some of my frequent links…, get your news on. It’s my homepage, I’m constantly looking at it, especially justice, for some reason I’m obsessed with all the crazy stuff that happens to people, but I could easily spend an entire night on CNN.

Other news sites, local news, BBC and

Blogs, mainly DIY and cooking. my top three favorites have to be…. and

Cat videos take up a mass amount of my time. Maru in particular has accounted for many late assignments.

Vlogs, the all important video blogs. Most visits include, Jenna Marbles and Philip Defranco

Funny random sites like

Pandora and sampling. This two things go hand in hand. I sample a lot (I’ll post about it later) but I like to listen to good beats while I’m getting freebies. I use and

Watching random videos people post on facebook.

Creeping all the girls I went to highschool with that got pregnant so I can look at their adorable babies and then swear I’ll never have one.

The rest is pretty much email, homework and this.

While I’m on my computer looking at all of the above Kasjen is buried in gun sites like thehighroad, and news sites. Way too often there are cat videos playing at the exact same time as a-k videos.


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