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October 5, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft


I’ve had a problem my entire life with knowing what can and cannot go in the microwave. So much so that my sweet boyfriend added a label to the microwave, just incase I forget. I’m almost 22 and have no clue what I can and cannot use. So I did what every self-respecting college student would do. I made a chart in Microsoft Word. Feel free to print this if you have the same problem.

Microwavable Not Microwavable
Ceramic Plates Tin Foil
Plastic Plates Forks
Thick Glass Containers Spoons
Mugs Knives (both butter and sharp)
Ceramic Bowls Plastic Lids
Thick Plastic Bowls Fancy Dishes
Take-home Chinese containers
Anything with paper on it
Thin Plastic Containers
Plastic Wrap
Hardboiled Eggs
Thin Glass


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  1. Andrew / Oct 5 2011 10:23 pm

    ummm why didn’t you use Excel? and you forgot Styrofoam you taught me that one

    • fivehundredeightysixsqft / Oct 5 2011 10:34 pm

      Oh my goodness, I did forget that. I’ll get that one on my chart. And a two panel chart is 500 times easier in word.

  2. Kasjen Kramer / Oct 6 2011 1:29 am

    brussel sprouts…

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