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October 3, 2011 / fivehundredeightysixsqft


No this isn’t a post about condoms, get your mind out of the gutter. As a 22 year-old female I go out a decent amount. Almost every time I do I see these women. We’ve all seen them, drunk, heels too high to even walk, tight skirt, usually crying in her own vomit. Not a pretty picture. But for some creeps it’s the ideal situation. It’s not a fun topic but one that should be addressed, personal protection. Maybe I’m a crazy person but I always feel like I need to protect myself, especially when going out at night. I think maybe if other young women like myself took these precautions, the news would have less headlines including: Pretty young girl murdered during afterhours. Maybe I’m crazy, but better crazy then killed. Here are my tips. I’ve gathered these from experience, women’s health classes and apparently not so common sense.

Tip 1: Travel together. Everywhere. Most women do but often you see the drunk girl passed out alone. Don’t abandon your drunk friend because she said your hair looks stupid. She might get killed. If you come together you should leave together, end of story.

Tip 2: Dress smart. When you’re getting ready think about what you can move in. If you can’t run in heels and can’t get them off quickly, then you can’t run away from a bad guy, or worse bad guys. If you can’t walk because your skirts too tight, you definitely can’t run.

Tip 3: Exit strategy. Just a smart move in general, always know the fastest way in and out of the building. It takes two seconds to identify and could save your life.

Tip 4: Be careful of stairs. It may sound creepy but many women find a dire fate in stairwells. No I’m not fear mongering, this is completely true. Stairwells provide closed doors and are usually not around a busy area. Use an elevator or find an alternate route.

Tip 5: Carry protection. I’m not telling every woman they need to go out and purchase a gun, but it may be smart to carry

 a small knife, pepperspray or one of these cute kitty keychains. Don’t have any of these things? Put your keys in-between your knuckles. They can help you if you do have to fight.

Tip 6: The most common sense. Don’t put yourself in any situation that may be questionable. If you met a nice guy online and you really want to meet him in person don’t be stupid. Invite a friend or several, do it in a public place, bring aforementioned protection, google the guy first (seriously do it), never meet him by yourself or at his house, it’s just a bad idea.

Tip 7: If you’re blond, stay away from Aruba. Seriously every blonde American in Aruba has been murdered, don’t these girls watch the news?

Tip 8: Understand fight or flight. Know who you are and don’t be afraid to call the police if you’re in a risky situation or feel uncomfortable, seriously that’s why they get paid. If some strange hobo won’t take no for an answer it could be a risky situation. Know your emergency numbers and have it ready.

Tip 9: Check it out. If you’re in a parking lot, know who else is there. If you’re sitting in the car, lock the doors. Look into the cars next you. Know where people are. Check your backseat, every time. Crazy yes, but crazier things have happened. If you think something creepy is going on, retreat and get someone to check it out with you.

That’s all my tips. If you are a woman between the ages of 12 and 50 you might want to read this. Seriously it’s common sense but there are a lot of crazies out there.


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